1. Key accounting concepts 3

Key Accounting Concepts

The foundation of any organization is made up of accounting concepts You can grow as a leader by mastering various concepts of accounting .

What is it?

Accounting concepts can be defined as the presumptions, conditions, and ideas that guide how firms and organizations organize their bookkeeping procedures and record financial transactions. It enables an organization to comprehend and incorporate every financial transaction into the accounting process.

Five crucial types of accounting concepts

1. Accrual accounting and Cash basis accounting

In accrual accounting, rather than waiting until the payment is actually received or made, the organization’s income and expenses from its different activities are recorded as they happen. Thus, accrual accounting immediately records revenue and cost items.

Cash basis accounting simply documents income and expenses at the time they are received or paid. For instance, the cash basis accounting would record the transaction as occurring in the second week rather than immediately if an organization sold items for Rs.100 but it took two weeks to get payment.

Accrual accounting has the benefit of making it simple to track changes in your organization’s financial position over time. This approach also makes it simple to evaluate the performance of your organization now against previous period.

2. Consistency

The regularity with which an organization reports its financial reports is referred to as consistency. The organization’s financial information is more reliable when there is a consistent history of reports.

The way an organization accounts for income and expenses, the use of accounting methods for various types of transactions, and the frequency of internal audits are just a few of the elements that affect an organization’s consistency.

For instance, the organization must daily reconcile its balance sheet to its bank account if it consistently uses a cash basis accounting method. Beyond just ensuring that the numbers are accurate, consistency is crucial since it affects investor confidence.

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3. Going concern

An organization is said to be a “going concern” in accounting if it is thought that it will continue to operate indefinitely. Due to the fact that it indicates whether a company is financially stable, it is one of the most crucial accounting principles.

How can one ascertain whether an organization can exist indefinitely?

  • Even if an organization does not distribute dividends to shareholders, it is likely in good standing if its assets exceed its liabilities
  • The other method is examining its profitability. If the organization is profitable, it will probably keep earning so. Even though it may have previously experienced a difficult period, this does not guarantee that it won’t recover.

4. Conservatism

Giving reasonable estimations and assumptions in your calculations is the simplest definition of conservatism. It calls for an accounting record that should correspond to what is occurring in reality. This idea essentially relates to the difference between the reported and actual numbers. The reported numbers must match the amounts that exist, according to conservatism.

Why is conservatism in accounting so necessary?

Your investors are interested in the reality. They want to be sure that you aren’t exaggerating your profits and earnings. Investor confidence in you and your organization will decline if you present false data.

5. Economic entity assumption

According to this, a business entity is a legally recognized business, and therefore is regarded as being distinct from its owners and managers and its owners’ personal wealth is unaffected by the entity’s operations.


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